Photograph of Jonathan Clem

Jonathan Clem

Software Engineer
Principal Software Engineer
Brooklyn, New York

Hello, I'm Jonathan. I live in Brooklyn, New York with my wonderful wife, Amanda. I'm a Principal Software Engineer at GitHub. Current, I'm working on some new investments for GitHub. Previously, I've worked at GitHub on things like foundational UI work, Actions, and Projects.

Prior to GitHub, I worked on infrastructure for Dropbox Paper, where I spent a surprising amount of time focused on web performance in the browser. Prior to that, I co-founded a company called Canvas, which was a collaborative editor for teams. At Canvas, I learned a great deal about building and leading engineering teams, but I also developed a strong interest in the technologies that power collaboration software, such as operational transformation and conflict-free replicated data types.

Before founding Canvas, my first serious job in the technology industry was at Heroku, where I was a member of the web apps team. In particular, I'm proud of having lead the drive to rewrite the Heroku Dashboard Rails application into a nimbler, faster, Node.js-backend Ember.js-frontend application.

I do not tend to write much, but you can see my posts in the writing archive.